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The Bluest Blues

( Alvin Lee )
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Couldn't wait to see you waiting by the door.
There was no one there to meet me,
and your clothes were on the floor.
Sorry if I hurt you and I made you cry.
Couldn't stand to see you with another guy.

It's the bluest blues
And it cuts me like a knife
It's the bluest blues
Since you walked out of my life

Couldn't really tell you how you hurt my pride.
Something broke within me down inside.
Never knew I loved you till you went away.
Now the loneliness surrounds me every day.


[ СОЛО ]

Sorry if I failed you and somehow I'm to blame.
The bluest blues I'm feeling is a crying shame.
Just can't live without you, face another day.
'Cause the bluest blues I'm feeling and it's here to stay.


[ СОЛО ]

Родная тональность - Am, такт - 4/4, темп - 80 BPM


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( Alvin Lee )