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Love foolosophy

( Jamiroquai )
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Baby, baby, feel these sweet sensations.
Honey-honey looks like a superstar.
She got a promise of love-struck fascination.
What am I to do? How am I to know who you are?

And this love fool-osophy is killing
Previous illusions I'm a love fool—
I had in my mind about you.
I'm a love fool.

Seems so true: all the lies you're telling
Tragically compelling I'm a love fool—
My love: it means nothing to you.
So, maybe I'm still a love fool.

She shimmers like a California sunset.
Lady-lady glitters, but there's no gold.
She carries sweetly infectious magic formulas.
I'm so delirious. Is she that serious
Or is she bringing me on? I've been waiting so long.


Родная тональность - Вm, такт - 4/4, темп - 130 BPM


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( Jamiroquai )